Saturday, March 7, 2009


The kris or keris is a distinctive, asymmetrical dagger indigenous to Malaya. Historically, the Kris was originally used as a weapon for Malay self-defense and martial arts. In modern Malaysia, it now has become a royal sovereign symbol and prized works of art to be collected. The kris as a work of art, portrays the highest quality of workmanship. The kris is more than just a weapon. History speaks of the kris as an object of mystery, believed to possess spiritual power. It is said to have the ability to protect the owner from physical harm and misfortune. Traditionally, the kris was revered as the abode of a strength-giving spiritual guardian. If the kris was ill-treated or neglected, the protective spirit would 'abandon the blade' and leave the kris powerless.


  1. Keris Jawa......kok bisa bangsa melayu punya Keris....??????????....tangguh apa itu keris, dhapur apa itu keris, pamor apa itu keris....semua istilah pekerisan itu dari bahasa Jawa......kok bisa.....melayu punya keris darimana ????

  2. Keris is originally from Javanese culture my friend. Javanese is native to Java island in Indonesia. Don't claim anything from Indonesia as belong to Malay or Malaysia. It happens too often now. Please, create your own culture and identity. Don't get trapped in some stupid political gimmick that Malaysian government always try to implement like "Malay Supremacy" etc by using Indonesian identity.

    Hope less and less Malay/Malaysians do this kind of shameful thing.